Tips For Choosing The Best Function Venue

From business conferences, company meetings to corporate parties, choosing the best venue is no doubt the most crucial thing to consider. The right venue is so important that a lot of event planners spend a significant amount of budget for it. If you are new to organizing events and are not sure where to start, the following tips will surely be helpful.


If you are organizing a local event, choose a place that is most accessible for the majority of the attendees. But, if the event is to be attended by people from out of town then choose the one which is accessible to the hotels where they will be staying. When choosing the venue, don’t forget as well that you also need to consider the transportation options and traffic.


Having a parking lot or valet parking is also another crucial thing. You do not want your attendees to be late just because they spent several minutes trying to find the most convenient area to park. If the venue does not have its own parking lot, then be sure to make arrangements with the owner of the nearest parking lot. You can ask the attendees to pay for their own parking fee or you can include this in your event budget, whichever you think works better.


It would also be wise to consider the limits and capacity of a function venue Croydon. You have to know the number of people that the venue can cater. So, prior to choosing a venue, make sure you already have certain information as to the number of attendees for the said event. Moreover, the food and beverages minimum must also be taken into account. Choosing a venue that has a minimum food and beverage budget for 100 persons may not be good if you will only be expecting 40 people to attend the event. But, if the number of attendees far exceeds the minimum offer of the venue, this could mean good news to the venue manager. But, you should also ask if it is possible for them to prepare foods and beverages that are way beyond their minimum offer. Ask also if they offer free Wi-Fi or other freebies when you hit the minimum or exceed it.


A well-decorated venue is nothing if it does not have the necessary amenities to make the event successful. For example, an A/V support must be in place to make it convenient for event speakers and guests to showcase their presentations. The venue must also offer linens, enough chairs and tables. This way, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. You also need to ask the availability of their setup crew and whether it is okay for your event organizers to work with them before, during and after the event.

Remember that when choosing the best venue, it not only means having the best interior design. The best venue also means having the best staff. They should also be accommodating and have undergone proper training for customer service.

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