Reasons To Skip The Supermarket And Go To Your Local Butcher

You have two main options with regards to purchasing meat for your family, your local butcher or a close by grocery store. While a lot of people are thinking they can’t afford to shop at a butcher, the fact is it can be just as cheap! There are certainly many benefits that your local butcher can provide you will just not find at the grocery store.


Think about your grocery store’s meat section – plastic wrapped, prepackaged and just left out until someone decides to buy it. There’s simply no comparison with the new, robust meat case that you’ll find on a butcher. When you buy meat from a butcher, you’ll get fresher and better-quality meat that’s often cut right in front of you. Ethically raised and free of hormones and antibiotics, you should feel good about the meat you eat and you feed your family.


Since grocery stores need to carry multiple food types, they often limit the meat types and cuts they stock. Butchers, on the other hand, can provide a wide array of products. If you want to try something new, then the place to go to is a butcher shop! In addition to special items such as bone marrow or pork liver, beef tongue you can find the regular meat cuts.


Interested in trying meat specialties such as butcher moonee ponds but not sure how to prepare them? Unsure of what’s the best steak cut for your next BBQ? Whatever your skill level is, your butcher can point you in the right direction. The price will fall within this category, too.

Yes, butcher’s meat can sometimes be more expensive than its counterpart in the grocery store; however, an experienced butcher will have the option to recommend alternate meat cuts that will save you money without sacrificing flavor. More so, you’re getting more bang for your buck when you consider the difference in quality.

Local Products

Consumers are becoming more and more mindful of local shopping. Local butchers also spring their meat from nearby or surrounding areas. Shopping locally helps boost the local economy, while at the same time promoting meat raised responsibly.

Service Excellent Customer

Buying locally has other excessive advantages, such as helping you build a good rapport with your butcher. Small boutique malls can have a hard time competing against big chains, so it is in the best interest of your butcher to provide you with excellent customer service. Whether it’s a routine cut, tips for cooking or a special order, your butcher will do everything they can to make sure their meat is the best you’ve ever eaten!


The advantage of purchasing from a Rochester NY butcher shop is that it helps consumers to make responsible purchases for the local community. Buying from a homegrown butcher rather than a state chain of grocery stores supports increase the local economy, while also buying meat that is sourced responsibly.

Finally, buying meat from the butcher can be as inexpensive as purchasing it from the grocery store. Your butcher could suggest alternative meat cuts that could save you money without sacrificing flavor. Local shops often frequently run sales or deals which can help save you. And overall, butcher meat with higher quality lets you get more bang for your buck.

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