How to Host a BBQ Party Your Guests would Never Forget?

Hosting an event for family and friends is a lot of work. Even if the event is laidback, you still could not help but worry if your guests are having a good time. But if you plan everything beforehand, the percentage of something going wrong is minimized. Preparing food before the guests arrive could also ensure that they would not go hungry.

If you plan to grill your meat, you could cook them halfway before the party or you could serve some appetizers for your guests to munch on while you are grilling. Decorating your place could also help put your guests into a party mood and if you set up games for the kids and adults to enjoy, your guests might not want to leave.

Plan Everything Beforehand

If you feel like you are not the organized type of person who writes everything down, make this a habit and you could start when you host a BBQ party for your family and friends. A BBQ party is a more relaxed event compared to other types of parties but there are still things that you have to prepare. Forgetting ingredients and tools that you need to have to grill the meat would surely dampen the atmosphere of your party. If you are using a weber charcoal grill, of course, don’t forget to buy charcoal if you don’t have any in your garage. Make sure you have enough charcoal and meat especially if the afternoon BBQ party extended well into dinner.

Prep Food

Nothing throws a party bad than when guests go hungry. Avoid this by making sure that your guests have something to eat while waiting for the meat. Prepare easy to eat food that would not make your guests full such as chips, cookies or fruits. If you need to marinate your meat do it a day before to make sure the flavor and the seasoning would seep instead of doing it just hours before the party. Marinating it overnight makes the meat tasty and juicy.


Set up the area for the party to instantly put your guests in a festive mood. If it is someone’s birthday put a banner and prepare party hats for the kids. Better yet, set up a theme. Since it is a BBQ party, why not make it a luau? Prepare some garlands to put on your guests’ necks or to wear as crowns. Request that your guests come in floral garments.

Set-Up Games for Kids and for Adults

Even if your guests are full, they would still feel bored after they finish eating. Some might even consider going home after. Avoid this by preparing some games. Search for party games ideas. Purchase small tokens or knick-knacks that you could gift as prizes for winners of your games.

Hosting a BBQ party is fun since you don’t have to be formal about it. Just come up with ways on how everyone would enjoy an afternoon of eating grilled meat and catching up with family and friends and your guests would appreciate all the efforts you have done to give them a party they would not be able to forget.

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