How To Help Someone Overweight Or Facing A Health Risk To Exercise?

Watching a loved one teeter at the edge of health risk can be upsetting; especially when you feel like you can do something about it. If a loved one is overweight and you feel their health is in danger due to their weight, follow a few tips from the below to help them out.

Sit Them Down, And Explain To Them The Danger They Are In

If we’re being very honest, this does not help more than a handful of people. Those overweight and unfit are well aware of their body’s condition but are unable to or unwilling to do anything about it. However, talking to them and explaining the risk they are in may be the final push they need to start working out, so give it a try if you feel it would help.

Be Their Support Force And Cheerleader

If they’re overweight, chances are that they might be feeling conscious about walking into a gym or heading to the park for a run. Be with them, workout with them, encourage them and be their personal cheerleader so they don’t feel so conscious doing it all alone. You could also be their voice of encouragement on the days they really don’t feel like working out.

Enroll Them Into A Retreat For Weight Loss

If they’re severely overweight, and need to lose weight rapidly but healthily, we strongly suggest enrolling them into a weight loss retreat. Not only will they be in an environment that is none tempting, they’ll also be closely monitored by professionals throughout their workout; making working out less risky in general for them. Do research on health retreat specialists in Victoria;compare rates as well as credibility and reviews, before enrolling your friend.  

Hire Them A Personal Trainer 

Like we mentioned above, working out without proper guidance can be dangerous when you’re overweight. If they are a complete novice at exercising, and don’t know what’s best for them, it’s best to work with a professional trainer for best results and the least risk. Most gyms have qualified personal trainers who are more than willing to work one to one, in order to reach body goals of their clients.

Buy Them Equipment To Workout At The Privacy Of Their Home

Despite your encouragement and help, if they are still reluctant about heading to the gym, it’s either because they are extremely shy about working out among strangers, or because they simply don’t have the time for it. Gift them basic workout equipment that will at least get them started on losing weight or something they could use even as in-between-gym day equipment. Remember, any exercise is better than no exercise.

Cook Healthy Meals For Them And Teach Them To Cook Healthy

Food is one of the major reasons for weight gain; so it makes so much sense to become more disciplined with food when aiming to lose weight. If they don’t know to cook or have the time for it, teach and cook for them a few simple recipes that require minimum ingredients, and little preparation. Aim to include food that helps to make the most out of their workout.

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