Fun Things to Do to Relax in The Bustling City of Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most interesting cities in Australia. Aside from being the culture capital of Australia, it is also home to a lot of amazing architecture, cosy bars and cafes, world-class art and fresh music. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, a quick trip to Melbourne is definitely worth it. Here are some great things to do if you want to relax and unwind in this lively city.

Marvel at Melbourne’s Street Art

Melbourne is popular for its world-class street art and graffiti. This kind of art is highly appreciated and recognized in this place even though it is considered as vandalism to some places. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the city’s art lanes with friends or family. There are plenty of great spots to explore, with Hosier Lane as one of the most popular and should never be missed out.

Grab a Drink

If you’re looking for a great activity so you can rest and recharge before continuing your journey in Melbourne, stopping by at one of the cosy cafes in this city is a good way to start. You can enjoy a cup of hot coffee with your favourite pastry while enjoying the street view. When the cafes close for the day, you can still grab a refreshing drink at classy Collins Street bars and beautiful beer gardens within the city. Choose from a variety of interesting drinks that will surely suit your taste.

Go On a Library Trip

For book lovers, nothing feels perfect than being in a historic library. The State Library of Victoria is among the famous destinations in this beautiful city. It is so popular that people queue in front of it before it opens, ready to read and learn more from its vast collection of books. You can even go on a free tour and learn more about the library’s history and stunning architecture.

Watch Movies Outdoors

Melbourne serves as home to movie aficionados and outdoor theatres are just common places you can visit if you want to enjoy the night. Watching movies outdoors are popular during summer months. You can even choose from different venues such as a rooftop bar or a lovely garden. Bring in some food, wine and a picnic blanket and enjoy watching a movie under the night sky. Don’t forget to bring your jacket in case it gets a little chilly.

Wander Around Outdoor Markets

For those who love shopping and trying out different food, the Queen Victoria Market is a perfect place to visit. You can enjoy a wide variety of flavours with free samples that attract even more people to it. Aside from good food, you can also find lots of stuffs you can buy at an affordable price such as knick knacks and antiques.

The city of Melbourne really has a lot to offer. If you’re visiting this city for a short getaway, these fun activities to do will surely make your stay a memorable and enjoyable one.

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